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Let's take back control of our life and be the version of ourselves we were meant to be. It's time to stop limiting yourself and start harnessing the power you have within. Your journey towards authenticity and freedom starts here.

Hi I'm Andrew Tsao ๐Ÿ‘‹


I am a dedicated mindset and creativity coach committed to guiding individuals on the transformative journey of overcoming their deepest limiting beliefs. My mission is simple: to unlock your inner potential, unleash your creativity, and help you craft and live your most fulfilling life.I believe that true growth arises from confronting resistance, pain, and suffering, which often stem from a disconnection with our true selves. Through our sessions together, I'll guide you in peeling back the layers of conditioning and fear, revealing the authentic you. My goal isn't just to help you rediscover who you were before the world told you who you should be, but to empower you to embrace the most powerful version of yourself.

A Journey from Fear to Freedom

This is the story of how I got from being fired, feeling angry and lost, to becoming a coach, feeling purpose-driven and free.


Fired During Pandemic

When I lost my job in the unforgiving landscape of the pandemic-ridden 2020, I found myself drowning in fear and uncertainty. Though no stranger to job loss, this loss struck a chord deeper than I ever imagined. It revealed a profound sense of failure, revealing how much of my identity I had attached to my career and the salary that came with it. As if that weren't enough, challenges in my romantic relationship surfaced and it forced me to confront my long-repressed anger simmering beneath the surface.It pushed me to embark on a journey through the labyrinth of my own emotions and thoughts. It was a long process of peeling away layers I had ignored for too long; and from it I decided to figure out the life I wanted to lead and create for myself.


Finding a Way

I became a student of the world, trying to learn what makes life meaningful and purposeful. Guided by the wisdom of therapists, plant medicine, as well as the all the self-help, mental health, behavior science, and productivity books I can get my hands on, I embarked on a profound journey of self-exploration: unpacking the complexities of my inner world to embrace my true essence, and learned to cultivate radical self-acceptance and love.I learned to soften and be still, and be best friends with my breath. As of writing this, I have meditated for over 1,200 days in a row and understood what it takes to master my mind. I also started to embrace my inner creative child through drawing abstract art.I started Codeless Coach and has since facilitated over 750 hours of coaching sessions, guiding over 17 individuals to build out their ideas and manifest their dreams.But the journey doesn't end here...


Unleashing Potential

I no longer fear about the future anymore, and not because it promises smooth sailing, but because I have finally found my why. And with this "why" I know I can bear with any "how".Driven by a deep-seated desire to empower others, I have decided to dedicate myself to helping individuals unlock their full potential and embrace lives filled with joy, purpose, and freedom. Drawing from my own transformative journey, I am offering personalized 1-on-1 coaching programs, delivering weekly wisdom to my dedicated newsletter community, and am hosting a podcast show where I share stories and interviews of powerful transformations.As of 2024, I am eagerly anticipating the expansion of services to include group offerings, community-oriented initiatives, and digital courses.I am just getting started!

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Limiting Beliefs to Limitless Living Program


Finally say bye to all the fear and self-doubt that is holding you back, so you can make more money, cultivate stronger relationships, all while feeling more free, joyful, and excited about living the life you've always wanted.

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Listen to my interviews with guests who are building incredible products, businesses, and intentional lives on the Joy of Building Podcast, available on all of your favorite streaming platforms!

Joy of Building Podcast

Join us in exploring the journey of creating not just products and companies, but the life your soul has always desired. Let's dive into inspiring stories, transformative strategies, and practical advice to help you unlock your true potential and build a life filled with purpose and joy.Tune in, transform, and take the leap!

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